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"SK" Hashish (NJ)

Pressed Hashish.


Out of stock


1G “SK” Hashish One strain, Lemon Kush- Hybrid

Additional information

1 Gram

5 reviews for “SK” Hashish (NJ)
  1. Bob Sorbino

    A plus. I sprinkled a little piece on a bowl and was high for hours

  2. George gerstorfer

    This review is for ghost train
    Not usually a fan of sativa, but this strain hits like a indica. Smooth and pungent and strong. Also sale price will keep me coming back for ghost train. G

  3. Michael L

    Hello everyone! I recently ordered 5 jars of the Dank ice water hash. I was pleasantly surprised. There’s nothing I love more than concentrates, but usually if it’s hash I get hash rosin to dab. U can dab this, but better to use the little ceramic screen that comes with it. Screens looks like a little button. (Really cool). Honey collector, or a straight hash pipe is better for me. a quartz bucket or terp slurper will be hard to clean I think for this type of hash. U can use a 3 hole pipe with the ceramic screen. Wether smoking straight or on top of good flower it’s great. I like it on its own. The strain I got was Gush mintz. Very dank like hashish should be, but u also can tell what strain it is while smoking. It’s gorgeous too. Even better looking than the picture. It’s solventless which is pretty important to me. Very clean/smooth. 99% of the time I will get diamonds, badder, shatter, live resin ect. I’m enjoying the DANK ice water hash as much as the Raw gardens live resin, diamonds, or the nug run as of right now. Was surprised I liked it as much as I did. I have some cheaper buckets. Can’t wait to try it through a bucket. I’ve also heard it’s good wen put in a grenco E piece which is the same as using a puffco peak or something like it. Seems to last very long in a portable E rig. Just not sure about the cleaning. Regular shatter, badder, diamonds ect. is very easy to clean. I use just a dry Q tip and my buckets/slurpers last for days. When there dirty I soak it in grand master solution which is pricy but worth it. There’s nothing it can’t clean if u do decide to use quartz glass for this hash. Many varieties of that solution. Think there all pretty much the same I believe from my experience. Enjoy!!

  4. divorum (verified owner)

    This is really nice hash. Hella Dank is a good company. They take pride in what they do. Even the box it comes in is pretty cool 🙂 Hash is pretty hard to find in NJ so it’s great to have access to a product like this. Hope SK can keep this one in stock!!

  5. Chris Davis (verified owner)

    Really nice! Great by itself or with your favorite flower!

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