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Carbon Fiber (A) (NJ)

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This powerhouse strain of the month is much like its namesake, made from layers of THC coating a purple and orange-haired bud structure, combining legacy genetics into an innovative and potent indica.

True Carbon Fiber is made by layering carbon atoms together to form bonds that shape fibers only five micrometers long, which add up to become a versatile product that can form aircraft parts, sporting equipment, or an aftermarket hood on the neighbor kids Honda with a blown-out exhaust. Definitely a space-age material that we are still learning about, it’s fitting that an exotic strain from the Cookies Family in California would carry the same intention in layering three powerful genetic lines into one perfect cut of Carbon Fiber.

This strain is a cross of Grape Pie, Cookies and Cream, and the infamous Biscotti – which has bred together for maximum impact, creating an indica strain full of hype and stoney effects.

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